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Warcraft III - The Last Guardian, Chapter IV - Stormwind

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Map Info: Multi-map campaign, based on the book The Last Guardian by author Jeff Grubb. It's timeline is set during WarCraft 1, following the story of Khadgar, apprentice to the powerful mage Medivh. As with DotD and LotC I didn't follow the storyline exactly, to have some sort of decent gameplay. The campaign contains 10 maps. 7 playable and 4 cinematic maps. The campaign plays like a point and click adventure and offers many puzzles and very little combat. Features: - 3 cinematic maps and 7 single-player maps with point & click adventure gameplay. - Solve puzzles by using/combining items or talking to NPCs. - Story based on the novel The Last Guardian: The epic tale of the powerful wizard Medivh and his struggle against the malice within him, and how it changed the world forever. - High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets. - Free to play for all owners of WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne.

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