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#DotA (DOTA for Warcraft III)
"Detense of the Ancients" can be translated as a guardian of ancient trees, guardian ruins, and ancient ruins. It is a multiplayer real-time battle, custom map produced by Blizzard's real-time strategy game Warcraft III. 10 people connected to the game at the same time, is the official RPG map of Warcraft approved by Blizzard.
The earliest DOTA maps appeared in the era of chaos, and a player named Eul (Euls) made the first DOTA map "RoC DOTA", in which both teams had only a total of 5 heroes, very simple [1] .
After Eul (Euls) exited, a player, Steve Guinsoo, integrated a number of heroes to make DotA Allstars. In 2005, shortly after the release of version 6.01, IceFrog and Neichus revised and updated the map several times. After Neichus exited, IceFrog became the main map programmer, responsible for any work including game execution and balanced testing. As the 6 series continues to be released, bug fixes, new heroes and new spells are constantly being introduced to DotA.
The final game is divided into two camps, players need to operate the hero, to destroy the other side of the building to get the final victory. This multiplayer online competition mode was later called "Dota-like game", which had a profound impact on several competitive games.
   The most common type of heroes, Warcraft III, is divided into three categories: strength, agility, and intelligence. The main attribute increases its attack power when it grows. But the entire upgrade system has made more adjustments. The ratio of the main attribute and other attributes in Warcraft III is fixed, and the growth rate of the same type of hero in "Dota" varies widely, which determines the hero's more team positioning and characteristics.

#DotA (魔兽争霸Ⅲ的DOTA)
《DotA2》(Defense of the Ancients),可以译作守护古树、守护遗迹、远古遗迹守卫, 是由暴雪公司出品即时战略游戏《魔兽争霸3》的一款多人即时对战、自定义地图,可支持10个人同时连线游戏,是暴雪公司官方认可的魔兽争霸的RPG地图。
最早的DOTA地图则在混乱之治时代就出现了,一位叫做Eul(Euls)的玩家制作了第一张DOTA地图《RoC DOTA》,其中两队都只有总共5个英雄,非常简单 [1] 。
Eul(Euls)退出之后有位玩家Steve Guinsoo整合了很多个英雄制作了DotA Allstars。在2005年,6.01版发布不久,IceFrog同Neichus对地图进行了多次修正和更新。之后Neichus退出,IceFrog成为主要的地图程序员,负责包括游戏的执行和平衡的测试在内的任何工作。随着6系列版本不断被发布,bug的修正,新的英雄和新增加的法术不断被引入《DotA》。
Elevated discovers that every single loss is entirely his fault! Episode 1 of Why You Suck at Dota 2 where we analyze our own mistakes to get better at the game.

Warcraft 3 Reforged: 40 Minutes of Gameplay !

Warcraft III: Reforged Gameplay 魔兽争霸III:重铸游戏

DOTA2 live Warcraft game

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