Top 10 Hardest Raid Bosses of All Time in World of Warcraft [Reforged]

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In this video I'll go over the hardest raid bosses in the history of warcraft, based on a lot of different factors that I'll be explaining within each segment of this video.

--The List--
10-Fallen Avatar, Tomb of Sargeras - (453 wipes before World First (Method))
9- Blackhand (WoD) (325 wipes before World First (Method), 667 wipes for world 2nd, and only 0.2% ofthe player base killed it)
8- WoD Archimonde (472 wipes before World First (Method))
7-Firelands Ragnaros (500+ (Paragon) (They said they lost count after 500))
6- Uu'nat, BfA- (731 wipes before World First (Pieces))
5- The Lich King, Wotlk (170+ wipes before World First (Paragon) (limited attempts, 5% buff))
4- Legion Kil'Jaeden (654 wipes before World First (Method), 900 Wipes for World 2nd)
3- Alone in the Dark (Yogg-Saron) Wotlk (500+ estimated, no real data (Stars) World First)
2- C'thun, Vanilla WoW (Killed 86 days after it was available)
1- M'uru, TBC (Only 5 guilds killed it pre-nerf), Sunwell Kil'jaeden (Only 0.09% of players killed it)

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