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Добавлено от Admin В World of warcraft обзор
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-------Download the movie to see its real beauty-------

EDIT : For more info about this movie and additional "Making of" please follow this link :

Hey everyone,

I was soOoooo happy when I finished making this one. My computer is really too weak for so "big" movies. Switching between frames was taking about 15-20 seconds so editing it was a big pain and only after rendering (4 to 6 hours) I could see how it looks in good quality and motion. So I made myself ultimatum...if I will win WWI Machinima Contest (first prize: amazing laptop for movie production)I'll continue making machinima, if I'll lose I will stop. (I knew I would be forced to sell my pc so this laptop would let me continue making movies)

EDIT : I've noticed that many of you dont realize that CONTEST IS ALREADY OVER

So, here it is! My third, " Best Special Effects" award winning movie. I Tried to make it as unique as possible so for sure you will be seeing something you never saw before. Because I don't like to repeat myself, this time I didn't make a funny movie, but a drama. To not break any rules, music is from Blizzard games (had to change it in the last moment) and everything else is my and only my work. Every background and nearly every element / character, was carefully photoshopped. To keep this movie unique I didn't use any filters or special effects that are built in video editing programs (except chroma keyer to cut out blue background and few blurs ofcourse) and tried new ways to make things look pretty. I had no help from anyone,so there is no voice acting. Story might seem a little rushed because the limit for the contest was 4 minutes.


Adopted by rich and very strict couple from Silvermoon ,little Alasse is deprived of her childhood. One night as she looks out of the window, she sees a strange, bright light comming from a nearby forest. Night is the only time when guards hired by Alasses parents don`t follow her.She decides to take her chances and sneak out through the window, to check out the mysterious light. This isn't another simple story about incredible people and heroic acts.This is a breathtaking story, about simple people, forbidden love, hope and drama.

My movie library is very small but I hope you enjoyed all 3 of them! Thanks everyone for great comments on my previous movies that gave me courage to make "The Demise".
Also, special thanks goes to Sam (Jonthethird) who helped composing a love letter, Nick (Nipnosis) who came up with the name ,Blizzard for giving this oppurtunity,WCM for featuring, and my sweetheart who supported me all the way with a lot of love and beer :).

Programs used:

Adobe Photoshop CS2
Sony Vegas 7.0
WoW Model Viewer
World of Warcraft

EDIT : I am proud to announce that THE DEMISE has won in DragonCon '08 Film Festival Machinima!

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