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THE BROKEN HORDE 8.1 Affliction Warlock BFA PVP | Battle fro Azeroth 8.1

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Back once again for some more Warlock PVP action! Come join me as we battle a tough Russian Alliance team as we fight for faction supremacy. Will it be a battle of wills and who will be ringing that victory bell? Lets check out the video to find out folks!

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Greetings my friend,

So, What is this channel? Well, Good question. I'm just an average guy that has played World of Warcraft since day one of Vanilla. I enjoy PVP more than anything game wise, Although I have been known to slay a dragon or two.

For many years I thought about the fact of making youtube videos for people to watch. Not because I think I'm an amazing player, But because I'm like most people who are just ok at the game and enjoy playing it as and when they can/choose.

So, What to expect? Well, I upload every other day on the channel, This will usually be a PVP battle on one of my characters.

I mainly Battleground PVP, Although I maybe doing some Arena games also in the future. I enjoy random battlegrounds and as many people know and are shown in my videos this can be enough to pull my non existent hair out. I enjoy it because it IS random and you never really know what to expect.

Like the sound of all this or just want to hang out with me for a while? Then consider clicking the link below and subscribing:


Well, Thanks for reading all this and I hope you enjoy your stay on my channel. Have a cracking day my friend.


Warcraft PVPer/Youtube Creator

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