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  • 10:07 Популярные "Games und so" Interview with Warcraft III Pro Coru

    "Games und so" Interview with Warcraft III Pro Coru

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    Alex and I interviewed German Warcraft III Pro-Gamer Moritz Wagner aka Coru prior to his Electronic Sports League match against Hanf. We conducted the interview in the backstage prep room. The live match was one of several at the Intel Friday Night Game i

  • 00:48 Популярные XBOX 360 KINECT


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    This is a spec commercial Ecriture et réalisation: Stéphane Réthoré http://vimeo.com/stephanerethore/videos Avec Stéphane Girondeaud, Jawad Enejjaz, Keaton Bigorie et Florian Broussard / Doublure: Freddy Lardot / Voix Off: Natalie Schmitz / Producteur: Li

  • 05:00 Популярные IRL - In Real Life (Short Version)

    IRL - In Real Life (Short Version)

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    "IRL - In Real Life", is a short documentary looking at the time an individual can spend in the world of an online game, in this case, World of Warcraft. The documentary is a personal look at the director, Anthony Rosner, and his own experience from playi