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  • 00:26 STATE OF PLAY "leader"

    STATE OF PLAY "leader"

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    It was a pleasure to create the motion-graphics for Steven Dhoedt his new film “State of Play". This state of the art documentary tells a story about professional gamers in Korea. The guys of visual-antics are really getting next level with their rumba mo

  • 05:00 IRL - In Real Life (Short Version)

    IRL - In Real Life (Short Version)

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    "IRL - In Real Life", is a short documentary looking at the time an individual can spend in the world of an online game, in this case, World of Warcraft. The documentary is a personal look at the director, Anthony Rosner, and his own experience from playi

  • 07:19 IRL - In Real Life

    IRL - In Real Life

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    IRL is a short documentary looking at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction. facebook.com/irlmovie Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/antronoid IRL - In Real Life has also been uploaded on YouTube with over 450,000 views! - http://www.youtube.com/watc

  • 08:26 Hooked Up: Living in the World of Warcraft

    Hooked Up: Living in the World of Warcraft

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    Addictions come in many forms. In the summer of 2008, Sworup got hooked up to the game World of Warcraft. For him, life stopped as he retreated into the virtual world. This video focuses on his life. All footage in this video is from Canon 5D Mark II. Thi