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  • 01:55 2012 Digital Matte Painting Demo Reel

    2012 Digital Matte Painting Demo Reel

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    facebook.com/ackdoh twitter.com/ackdoh behance.net/davidluong Digital Matte Painting Reel 2012. Works from Blizzard Entertainment and various freelance projects. For more info, visit http://davidluong.net Please view in HD @ 1280x720 and Full Screen. Ligh

  • 08:15 2016 Lighting/Compositing/DMP Show Reel

    2016 Lighting/Compositing/DMP Show Reel

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    It's been almost 4 years since I made a show reel of my work, figured it was time to update it again! I I also combined my light/comp plus DMP work into one reel for easier access. Over 9 years of Blizzard Animation Cinematics work in this reel as well as