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  • 04:05 The Device Has Been Modified

    The Device Has Been Modified

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    What exactly happens when you install GLaDOS into a mechanostrider? Find out in this video which mixes World of Warcraft and Portal. music: "The Device Has Been Modified" by Victims Of Science

  • 04:01 I'm So Sick

    I'm So Sick

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    A machinima music video to "I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix)" by Flyleaf vs The Legion Of Doom. Of all my videos, this is the most watched and downloaded. "I'm So Sick" received the award for best music machinima at Online Machinima Film Festival. The video it

  • 09:28 Busted


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    A World of Warcraft machinima by Baron Soosdon & Pinkhair. This is a love story of two lovers, Fluffypuff the gnome and Titanhoof the warrior in the middle of a Warsong Gulch battle. Love, romance, action.. And more love, romance, action! First place winn

  • 04:49 Final Warcraft VI [Remastered Version]

    Final Warcraft VI [Remastered Version]

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    This movie is a WoW machinima version of the Final Fantasy VI ending cinematic (from the PlayStation version). The version you are watching is a remastered cut featuring the original opening texts + Final Fantasy music.