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Sarah Carmody— Warlock FX Updates (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

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SUPER excited to launch with these Warlock updates.

Many updates to the base rotational spells across all specs, including a bonus suite of FX for the 'green fire' glyph, and added all kinds of new portals for your demon-summoning needs. All 3 specs share a chaotic, unruly, corrupted undertone, but each have a distinct signature look.

The Warlock class spans a wide variety of gameplay styles, so these were a fun challenge to work on. There were a lot of different mechanics to convey, and many magic schools represented, and a lot of potentially problematic spell-stacking. For example, the 3 main Affliction DoTs (Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Agony) get stacked on the same target but should be easily identifiable. They're all Shadow magic and therefore the same color palette and overall motion, but now they each have a distinct silhouette to make them more recognizable at a glance.

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