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Sarah Carmody— New FX Kits (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

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This video highlights some of the new magic kits from Battle for Azeroth!

I was responsible for concepting Azerite magic and then creating a multi-purpose kit for our designers to use this expansion. The idea we landed on is that Azerite consists of two distinct elements— one heavy binding agent in the form of a metallic gold-like substance, and the other being a combustible Arcane-based energy that is very unstable.

For the Blood Troll and Drustvar Witch kits, I was responsible for making some assets fairly early in zone development to set a direction for what those types of magic would look like. This consisted of small sets of basic assets for those kits (novas, impacts, casts, etc), but many other FX were created to fill out those kits later in development by other FX artists.

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