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Safety (Sea Change): An Interview in World of Warcraft

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For three years, Angela Washko has been creating performances as The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft inside the most popular multiplayer online video game of all time. Instead of killing enemies and getting badass equipment like she used to, she started traveling to major towns to discuss the ways in which women are treated in the game-space with other players. This led to longer discussions about feminism with players from geographically varied places meeting together in this virtual but spatial and representative corporatized public space. The conversations she facilitated are documented and reproduced in videos and images online. More recently she started performing the process live for audiences, projecting her screen and doing live-narration of the conversations as they unfold.

In this particular video, Washko is joined by guest Council members Maj Anya DeBear and David Lublin as they interview player Evaedra who reached out to Washko via email to talk about her experiences within WoW and the intentional, inclusive community she organizes on the Moon Guard server.

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