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[ONESHOT] When your Mafia Girlfriend cheats on you but you DIE || JK Oneshot || READ DESCRIPTION ||

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Hey Mates!

Get it? mates(wolf) and mates(slang) ?? That was lame wasn't it? Nevermind.

So it's ma birthday today and also BTS Jungkook's! Isn't that great?! It is infact. I haven't made any oneshots so I thought why not make one on the golden bunny. Sorry for any it's ma first time making a sad any kind of oneshot.

Happy Birthday Kookie! We love you to the back of the moon :) Keep smiling and never lose the confidence you charm us ARMY with :D

Pwease don't plagiarise ma work cuz it took 2 long ass days for me to edit it.
Get your own ideas and who maybe you'll be a famous fanfiction writer ;)

None of the pictures were mine, I only own the plot. Oh! and if it's your birthday today too, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Bye! :D

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