Nazjatar - Music & Ambience (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth aka BfA 8.2)

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Nazjatar is the subaqueous capital city of the naga race, ruled by Queen Azshara, the former ruler of the Kaldorei Empire. It forms the core of the empire of the same name.
Nazjatar is a new zone coming in patch 8.2.0. It is located inside a massive crevasse in the middle of the Great Sea, created by Azshara's power. The entire zone is below water level and is entirely surrounded by waterfalls. This large open-world zone will culminate in us confronting Queen Azshara.

While the Alliance struck a decisive blow to the Horde in the Battle of Dazar'alor, it was not without some casualties. With both sides reeling from the events and healing their wounds, the naga made their move and begin striking against the two. Taking any remaining ships, the Horde and the Alliance set sail and arrive in the ancient land of Nazjatar: the land of the naga and the location of Azshara's seat of power, her Eternal Palace, where they will face Queen Azshara herself.

Much of Nazjatar was once a Kaldorei city (presumably Zin-Azshari), and the ruins and architecture remain. However, the naga have added a good amount of their own art to this place, dredging building material from coral and rock and the fallen ruins of their former civilization. The buildings' foundations merge with the walls of the Rift, though the structures themselves are oriented vertically, as normal (not horizontally; their foundations are on their walls). The place has a dark and sinister atmosphere, and naga swim among the buildings, conducting their nefarious plans. The buildings' colors are muted, usually tan or gray, and bear carvings of waves, seahorses, fish, and more disturbing motifs: powerful naga warriors and mages, battling the makrura, enslaving the mur'gul, and returning to the surface to exact revenge on their ancient kin.
Queen Azshara, grown massive in size and in power, dwells in the Eternal Palace in Nazjatar's center; this structure was her palace in the Kaldorei civilization 10,000 years ago as well.

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Nazjatar Music (always marked in the video (turn the CC / subtitles on) and accompanied by day & night ambience sound):
00:03 Kelp Forests Walk 2
02:49 Azshara Walk 5
04:44 Kelp Forests Walk 1
07:30 Coral Forests Walk 1
09:38 Coral Forests Walk 2
13:31 Coral Forests Walk 3
16:39 Kelp Forests Walk 3
18:59 Kelp Forests Walk 4
21:48 Echos of Nazjatar 2
24:04 Azshara Walk 2
25:40 Azshara Walk 3
27:12 Azshara Walk 6
28:54 Echos of Nazjatar 1
31:05 Azshara Walk 1
32:49 Eternal Palace 2
34:02 Rise of Azshara 1
35:21 Rise of Azshara 3
37:13 Azshara Walk 6
38:50 Echos of Nazjatar 1
41:03 Azsh'ari Terreace 1
42:37 Azsh'ari Terreace 2
43:44 Azsh'ari Terreace 3
44:48 Azsh'ari Terreace 4
46:12 Azsh'ari Terreace 5
47:30 Kelp Forests Walk 4
50:16 Coral Forests Walk 4
53:26 Zin-Azshari 3
54:36 Zin-Azshari 2
57:20 Zin-Azshari 5

Kelp Forests Walk, Zin-Azshari and Coral Forests Walk themes are composed by Glenn Stafford
Rise of Azshara, Echos of Nazjatar and Eternal Palace music is composed by David Arkenstone
Azshara Walk and Azsh'ari Terreace themes are composed by David Arkenstone and Leo Kaliski

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Nazjatar locations on this video:
00:00 Intro
00:50 Tide's Fall / Spears of Azshara
04:01 Dragon's Teeth Basin
09:18 Mezzamere
12:28 Newhome
18:08 Coral Forest
23:32 Ashen Strand
26:56 Bloodfin Village
28:52 Zanj'ir Terrace
35:43 Chitterspine Caverns
37:14 Gate of the Queen
42:58 Imperial Gardens
46:50 Shirakess Repository
50:41 Chamber of Harvesters
53:42 Zin-Azshari (Kal'Methir, The Drowned Market, Elun'alor Temple)
59:00 Outro (Don't click!!)

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