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Let's Play World Of Warcraft, Hunter #14: The Great Kings!

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Finishing up a few tasks in Dun Morogh before heading over into Loch Modan. The great thing about the journey there is getting to stop and admire the Great Kings, two huge statues that guard the entrance into the valley of the lake!

This series follows the adventures of Beldrast the Hunter, an experienced Dwarven hunter who is in his mid eighties. Not even middle aged by Dwarven standards, he's spent his life hunting through the snows of Dun Morogh, as well as taking regular trips down into the Wetlands to hone his skills. He has earned his living trading furs, skins and meat with people up in Ironforge as well as over in Thelsamar. He does not much care for the city though and rarely stays for longer than he has to in Ironforge, preferring the open countryside and the snow covered mountains.
At times we will catch up with Grundorn to see how he's doing now that he's recognised as one of the foremost champions of all Azeroth. For more information about Grundorn, see the previous Warcraft series detailing his adventures.

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We now have a guild in World of Warcraft called Frith Guardians! If you'd like to be a part of this, you need a character on the EU region servers, on the Terenas realm. Unfortunately the game does NOT support cross region play, so if you're on US or Asian servers you won't be able to join. To get an invitation to the guild, join the chat channel below, then we can see about inviting you. I play socially at the weekends, so I look forward to seeing you in game!

We also have a community chat channel in game, to join you need to copy and paste this code, without quotation marks "7JglbkCey0", into the pop up box in the community chat channels section. You access this screen by pressing J on your keyboard in game and selecting the appropriate tab. You'll also need to be on the EU servers to join.

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Lines have been drawn between the Horde and Alliance, loyalties tested, and the war between the factions has begun in earnest. The race is on to recruit new allies and gather a new powerful resource – Azerite. Will you heed the call of battle?

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