Heroes of the Storm: WP and Funny Moments #198

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Music (incompetech, youtube, epidemicsound):
00:07 - ES_Taxi Drivers 1 - Magnus Ringblom
00:30 - The_Army_Song_aka_The_Army_Goes_Rolling_Along
00:47 - ES_Los Habaneros 2 - Martin Landh
01:21 - ES_Shake Down - Gavin Luke
01:48 - ES_Whistler Themes 6 - Magnus Ringblom
02:17 - ES_Building Tension 16 - Gavin Luke
02:28 - Thomas the Frank Engine ft Pink Guy
02:53 - ES_Defenders Unite - Niklas Johansson
03:35 - ES_Can Not Do This Solo - Late Yungin
04:08 - ES_Oh So Hot - Jules Gaia
04:39 - [Drumstep] - Rootkit - Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette) [Monstercat Release]
Outro - Neal Acree (World of Warcraft) - Nightsong

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