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Demon Hunter Survival - Havoc Demon Hunter PvP - WoW BFA 8.3

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Добавлено от Admin В World of warcraft pvp
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Rolling into Arathi Basin on the Havoc DH! demon hunter pvp is just in such a fantastic spot right now - its that havoc pvp has the damage, healing, and cooldowns for literally any occasion and thats what makes it an incredible fun and powerful class not only in battlegrounds, but arena too. On that note, I haven't done Demon hunter pvp in arena since legion and legion was insanely OP lol. Havoc Demon Hunter is CRAZY AGAIN!!

Well here it goes again dudes and dudettes! The absolutely amazing demon hunter is out on the hunt for Horde again. havoc demon hunter pvp is honestly so fun - with the corruption effects it definitely makes it better, but even without been an incredible fun spec and class to play!

Having the right corruption as a wow havoc demon hunter is actually ridiculous, right now I have twilight devastation and its procs like a mad man, I absolutely love it. Demon hunter pvp just uses so many abilities that the corruption has so many chances to proc - its intense as hell!! Lets hear it for some amazing havoc dh pvp

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